About Us

Glitz in Gold is a full service luxury event company that started in the City of Macon, GA on December 7, 2013. Acronymned as GIG.

It is often overlooked that a well put-together event involves a lot of detailed planning. It is mentally assumed they just happen. There is a scientific aspect of partying that is artfully expressed and vice versa.  GIG utilizes this holistic approach to bring out the best in your event.  We recognize that two events are totally different from each other, every segment of an event is dependent on each other for the outcome to be successful.

We take an event from thought level to a flawless execution and beyond.  We take care of clients with needs in the corporate areas like product launch, branding and company parties.  Private special events  come in various sizes, we delightfully take care of them. Our company can travel with you to different exotic places on earth, to provide customized service.

Your event is a combination of planning, design, production and management. This is how it rolls into each other to provide a unified unidirectional movement, the visual part that starts from save-the-date  to thank you post event cards with everything in-between like flowers, glasses, event fabric, lighting etcetra. Now that it is pretty, somebody has to make it as specified to get the desired look. Having put all of these into the event a team that is usually invisible has to mesh all segments, like the engine of a car not seen outside, but keeps the car rolling. We can work a-la-carte, but prefer the cost-effective, efficient and cohesive approach.

Food and Beverage is a very important part of a whole. We provide cuisine according to the dictates of your palate accompanied by customized non-alcoholic drinks. This company does not supply alcohol of any sort.  We recognize the fact that you own the event and can decide on alcohol. If alcoholic beverage is an important choice, we counsel that you provide an outside vendor for this aspect.  A beverage stand is a part of your event that must conform with the designed look of other areas, we would co-ordinate this with other areas. We reserve the right to give your vendor industry standards they must conform with.

We put the wow into your gig because your gig is our GIG.

We have been the passionate organizers of several events before incorporation in 2013. Events have evolved to become paid employments in various fields.  We therefore ask that our employees be accorded the honor befitting professionals in their fields.

Glitz in Gold is a company you will be proud to associate with. Our core values are integrity, delightful ambience, professionalism in every aspect, passion for excellence and mutual respect.

Don’t start the party without us!

The Vision

The ability to take an event from thought level to flawless, memorable conclusion and beyond anywhere, every time. Customized luxury events belong to the discerning who are rich in taste and aspire to make that known through their reach and how they do things. Our goal is to facilitate this expression and experience whether in a corporate setting or in personal special events. We desire to achieve this through one party at a time regardless of size. Creating a new niche that believes every guest can have a great time regardless of intoxicants.


The Mission

Glitz-In-Gold is a luxury special events company that pays attention to detail. We are committed to seeing the celebrant enjoy her event while being assured that the guests are pampered. We make your gig our GIG whenever there is a reason to gig. We wow you without the revelry of alcohol. An event is a holistic experience that must be expressed in a tasteful balance. We take the pleasure of hard work while you take the treasure of great fun.