Eventful Me

I joined Girls’ Life Brigade where we organized bob-a-job and parades as a young girl. This and Needlework lessons were taught by my indefatigable mother. My father honed training through a profession because he believed, ”if nobody employs you , you will employ yourself”. I became a Pharmacist and I have been practicing as one since 1985!.

I was unwittingly packaged for lifelong learning, leadership, organizing events, raising volunteers and funds, crafting visions and missions. While in Pharmacy School, I would organize Pharmacy Week, Baby Show, road trips, inter-pharmacy college sports. I had so much success at organizing events in college that clubs and The Student Union started inviting me to become a member, help them put events together or do both. While I appreciated the offers, I accepted none of them. Pharmacy school was a full time drill that left you in no doubt what you asked for.

Married to a Physician and soon to become the mother of more Physicians, everything around me revolved around drugs and healthcare. In all of these, I have never stopped putting events together, but I did everything for free or as donations to non-profit organizations. At my children’s graduation, the event hall was so beautiful that the hotel started sending clients to me unsolicited.

The delights of jaw dropping surprises, the wows, the childlike adult dash to take pictures by balloon sculptures, mesmerizing lights, and the shimmering beauty of event drapes keep my drawn to making people happier. I put bouquets together for different brides, create aesthetic environment at church functions. I have a great ability to remember names, faces, gather people, share history, create things to celebrate and painstakingly package the whole program.

I came to a point where I fully acknowledged event planning as my passion. I gradually realized that I have been in lifelong training to prepare me for a full service luxury event company. I therefore went through more extensive training in hospitality field. Since my teenage years I have learnt sewing, embroidery, needlework, batik art, balloon art, draping, china painting, flower arrangement, cake decorating to different levels of proficiency. This is Event Design. I am currently a culinary art student. I am therefore able to intelligently co-ordinate every aspect of an event to give a seamless experience to be remembered for a beautiful while.

Parties make me tick. What makes you tick?

Let’s G-I-G !